Friday, July 2, 2010

Blue Wedding

A blue wedding is a beautiful colour choice for your wedding and will make an impression with your family and guests. Just imagine your wedding photo's. A blue wedding bouquet and flower symbolises freedom, strength and new beginnings. Blue is cool, calming, relaxing and refreshing, from the blue water in the ocean to the blue skies. It also represents protection, clarity, creativity and mental supremacy. Have a look through our blue flower design, it will tell you if your favourite blue flower is in season. Many lovely flowers come in blue, like the delphinium, larkspur, hyacinth, pansies, anemone, iris, ageratum, lobelia, veronica and bluebells. Check out our blue bridal bouquet ideas and pictures and see if your flower choices are there. Red flowers come in different shades; vibrant red, burnt orange-red, crimson, deeper red-cherry and a rich burgundy. Red signify passion, sexuality, courage, love, energy and desire. Red is intense, a little dangerous and always powerful. CALL TODAY! for your free consultation (916) 837-2583

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